Anyone with a GitLab account (You can create an account with your Github account, btw 😃) can contribute to this guide using the GitLab Web IDE in a browser. Please fork the project and make changes on your fork (see forking workflow instructions) commit those changes and submit a merge request to the draft branch of the upstream repository. A maintainer will review your changes merge them into the master branch. The static site is rebuilt when a merge request is accepted.

The site content resides in markdown files in the /docs directory. Navigation is based on the following directory structure. The file always acts as the "index" file for a directory. When creating a markdown file under one of these directories update the file with a section description and "Read more" link to the new page.

    |-- material
        -- // An example page about the material "plastics" 
        -- // The index page for all "materials".
    |-- projects
        -- // An example project page
        -- // The index page for all "projects".
    |-- hardware
        -- // An example page about "wires"
        -- // The index page for all "hardware".
    |-- software
        -- // An example page about "raspbian" OS
        -- // The index page for all "software".

Local images are added to /docs/.vuepress/public/assets/img and files to /docs/.vuepress/public/assets/files

In addition, basic page metadata can be added to a markdown file by adding a front matter block to the top of the file.
For example:

title: This is the page title
lang: en-US
  - name: description
    content: The content of the "description" metatag
  - name: keywords
    content: The content of the "keywords" metatag

See the GitLab markdown guide for general information about Markdown formatting or the Vuepress markdown guide for some specifics if you are already familiar. (You can also test in this online markdown editor.)

Additionally, you can ask questions or make suggestions by creating an issue.

🎉 "Happy Making! 🎉